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Why Adelita?

What is a Doula?


In Spanish, “Adelita” directly translates to “woman warrior”. Throughout the Mexican Revolution “Adelitas” were formally known as warriors and eventually as female soldiers. They fought in traditional Mexican skirts and wore ammunition across their chests. They resisted the power of the Mexican government and fought for freedom alongside men. While in the initial stages of developing Adelita Doula in 2018, I was sitting at a restaurant in Denver, CO named “Adelita’s Cocina”. Surrounded by powerful Adelita’s in both my clientele and throughout this restaurant, the name clicked. Adelita represents who I hope my clients embody throughout their birth process. A fierce fighter, a confident soldier, a surrenderer when necessary, a powerful goddess capable of trusting their mind and body’s ability to give birth, an Adelita. Therefore, in technical terms, the name of this business embodies the philosophy of “La Adelita’s Doula”. I am not the Adelita, you are. I am here to inform, assist, and teach you to advocate for yourself and empower your body to have a positive birth experience. The logo represents the interwoven relationship between the birthing person, the Doula, the soon to be parent, and the protection offered by both the Doula and the parent. With Adelita Doula, I believe in the service of supporting pregnant and birthing people and families to feel empowered, educated and confident in their ability to give birth.

What is a doula?

Doulas statistically reduce unplanned cesarean rates, increase birthing people’s perception of their birth experiences and reduce rates of traumatic birth experiences. At Adelita Doula, I will not decide or speak on your behalf, replace your partner’s position or make judgements regarding your birth-related preferences. Rather, I will hold space for you through patience, tools, customized comfort measures (i.e massage, music, decor, positioning), provide informative resources, yoga, and bodywork. I will inform you on how to advocate for yourself in addition to empowering your emotional and physical well being in hopes to facilitate birth experiences filled with positive and empowering evocations. At Adelita Doula, I will be present for your birth regardless of where and how you want to give birth. Unsure if a Doula is right for you? I encourage you to read more evidence on Doulas at Evidence Based Birth.

“Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will influence your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.” - Ina May Gaskin, CPM


Body Work
Yoga & Breathwork

About Bobbi - Certified Professional DOula

Bobbi Mae was born and raised in the mountains of Bozeman, Montana. With a background in Spanish, Bobbi hopes to continue to work with Mexican American birthing families in addition to anyone else who walks through her doors. Since before she can remember, she knew that she would work with women and girls in an attempt to mitigate trauma and facilitate empowering life experiences. While Bobbi was pursuing her undergraduate degree at Quest University Canada, the evolution of her interest in maternal health quickly became evident. Bobbi completed an interdisiplinary BA of Arts and Sciences in the fields of Sociology and Spanish with a focus in social & maternal health services for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. For her thesis, she volunteered at a local Women’s Center and conducted research on how to improve access to services through holistic, qualitative interviews and creative arts therapy (i.e. body mapping). Bobbi assisted in developing a third-party assault reporting resource for survivors of abuse and wrote a book called Mapping the Margins on the culmination of these women’s experiences.

Shortly after graduating from university, Bobbi was trained as a Birth and Postpartum Doula with DONA International. Through DONA and The Crisis Prevention Institute  she participated in various trainings including; Introduction to Childbirth, Stages of Labor, Anti-Racism Perinatal Health,  Breastfeeding Education, and Trauma Informed Care. Bobbi also practices yoga, bodywork, massage and aromatherapy. She infuses these interests into her practice as a Doula throughout all stages of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. While maintaining her role as a Doula, Bobbi plans to eventually pursue Nurse Midwifery School and become certified in Functional & Herbal Medicine. At Adelita Doula, Bobbi works diligently with each of her clients to offer them personalized and client-centered care. She understands that each birth is unique and she looks forward to supporting future Adelita’s in their birth journeys.


*Response by Burdett Birth Center

“The services offered by your doula can be broken down into three categories – emotional, physical and educational support.

Emotional Support:

Childbirth can be a very demanding and emotional experience for everyone. A doula can help with encouragement, kindness and redirection to help the laboring person focus on the positives and help them feel as comfortable as possible. Sometimes if a birth plan requires adjustments or tweaks it’s common to feel upset, hurt or worried. Doulas often help mothers to calm down, recharge and refocus on the task at hand. A doula may also serve as a liaison, or a bridge, between the birthing person and their practitioners. The doula may also provide emotional support to the partners of the laboring person who may benefit from having someone to address their concerns or questions while the birthing person is in labor.

Physical Support:

Doulas also help birthing people with physical support. They are trained in strategies that help birthing people with pain management and positioning. Doulas provide advice and hands-on techniques for counter pressure, breathing and discomfort solutions to make delivery as comfortable as possible. They are trained in touch which helps not only in reducing pain, but also in easing stress and anxiety. Doulas may help the birthing person’s experience the benefits of oxytocin naturally without the use of medication by using massage. In fact, studies have shown that in a doula-assisted birth the requests for pain relief drugs are reduced, and there is a decrease in the number of overall cesareans.

Educational Support:

Doulas who have gone through the DONA certification (such as Adelita Doula) come equipped with information related to pregnancy tips and tricks, labor and delivery advice, breastfeeding assistance and more. The labor and delivery process can feel overwhelming and, sometimes, confusing. A doula on-hand can help translate, organize and relay information in a way that makes sense to a new parent and family.”

*Response by Burdett Birth Center

“Yes! Even for parents who are having a medicated birth, a doula can still be a great resource, as they provide emotional, educational and physical help throughout the process of labor and delivery. Some medications have side effects and doulas are a great support in helping mothers cope with those issues or discomfort.

The same applies to cesarean births. A doula can help the mother throughout the procedure and provide information and encouragement to the family so that stress is lessened and they feel confident with their team and what is happening.”

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

*Response by Adelita Doula

Doulas and midwives offer very different roles for birthing families. A doula is hired and present to support and educate birthing people throughout labor and delivery. You can think of a doula as an informed birth coach and/or birth partner that works with you and your partner (if you have one) to prepare you for birth and intimately support you through a successful delivery. Doulas work majorly from the “waist up”, supporting you physically and emotionally throughout the process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

With an entirely different scope of practice than a doula and much more advanced certification, midwives are hired to replace an OB or traditional doctor for a birthing person. Midwives go through years of advanced medical training to properly and safely support birthing person’s with low-risk, uncomplicated births that commonly have no interventions. Midwives support natural births in a variety of settings including home births, hospitals, and birth centers. Midwives primarily practice from the “waist down”, ensuring the health of the birthing person and the baby throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum. As the primary care provider for birthing people, midwives play much different roles than doulas. However, many families will choose to hire either; 1) both a midwife and a doula, or 2. both a doula and an OB for holistic care to build a team of supportive and informed birth professionals.

*Response by Burdett Birth Center

“After the birth, doulas can be available to assist new parents with pain-relief management, breastfeeding guidance and family bonding assistance. It’s not uncommon for the doula to become part of the family and an ongoing resource after the birth of the baby.

In addition to birthing doulas, there are also postpartum doulas (such as Adelita Doula). A postpartum doula helps the new parents and family to adjust. The doula is often available as an ear to listen, a hand to hold and an encourager in the first few weeks after birth when a new parent might feel stressed or overwhelmed.”

*Response by Adelita Doula

No! Absolutely not. A doula will support both the birthing person and their partner or partners throughout the labor process. A doula plays a crucial role in helping a partner become involved and informed throughout the birth to the extent that they feel comfortable and willing to participate.

*Response by Adelita Doula

A doula does NOT make decisions for clients or intervene with their clinical care. Rather, a doula provides informational, physical, and emotional support while maintaining respect for the boundaries and desires of the birthing person. A doula does however teach birthing person’s to advocate for themselves within birth spaces.


"I cannot imagine giving birth to my first born without Bobbi by my side. She provided warmth, massage, encouragement, advocacy, and patience. She encouraged my medical professionals to give my birth time. She stayed at the hospital with me for 62 hours during the longest labor I could have imagined. She spoke Spanish with my parents and my partner who do not speak English, which was so helpful for including them in my birth process. I would recommend Bobbi at any birth, regardless of how you plan to give birth; she will be by your side without judgement."
“Going into childbirth with no experience or knowledge is a bit intimidating, but I can wholeheartedly say that hiring Bobbi has given me a sense of peace. Knowing that she will be with me the entire time guiding me, assisting me, and providing me with the necessary information when I need it is a huge relief. She has been wonderful during this ‘prep time’ by not only recommending valuable resources but also in providing words of encouragement and making me feel supported."
“Bobbi has the ability to intuitively hold space for others as she confidently, and delicately navigates her way through a room. I would highly recommend Bobbi as a Birth worker to anyone, as I have worked alongside her directly as her back-up Doula. Her primary focus being on the instilled Birth Plan, and the needs and wishes of the birthing person, and if desired their partner."

Give the gift of a Doula-

Do you have a granddaughter, friend, or someone in your life who could benefit from doula services? Do you want to simply give the gift of a doula to an anonymous family? Now you can. Please contact me if you’d like to give the gift of a Doula!